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What if this world was created so that Father God could find a Bride for His Son? The final exclamation of the bible is the Bride of Christ ascending into an eternal heaven to experience His love forever. There is an invitation for men and women to live from the reality of His Beloved Bride now... Heaven on earth! In this book, you will discover the revelation of Jesus as the Bridegroom King Lover. Step into encounters with Him as you read rich scriptures of marriage and deep intimacy with Jesus. Know what it really means to be His Bride.

“Now you are ready, my bride, to come with me as we climb the highest peaks together. Come with me through the archway of trust. We will look down from the crest of the glistening mounts and from the summit of our sublime sanctuary.”
-‭‭Song of Songs‬ ‭4:8‬a TPT‬‬

"Sula Skiles is a treasure in the Body of Christ. Her desire to know God in His fullness will both challenge you and stir you with a hunger to experience more of His heart. Reminiscent of Madame Guyon, she reveals an inventive life of deep romance with the Bridegroom through prose like, 'Do you know what I went through just to be able to kiss you?' Her stories captivate as they draw you into a relationship with Jesus that one could only tell if they have tasted of his sweet intimacy.  We were created for encounters with the Bridegroom and, as the Bride, we are the masterpiece of all creation. The world is the setting for the Bridegroom to woo his Bride and for the Bride to fall madly in love with her Husband. His Beloved Bride is a story of love. In reading it, you’ll find your place in His love story."

David & Allessia Edwards
Founders of Revivalism, Directors of School of Revivalists,

Authors of Revivals and Revivalists


"This book is an invitation that unveils the revelatory depths of God. It takes you into a throne room experience that will produce a breakthrough of intimacy to come forth in your own personal walk with Jesus."


Gina La Morte

Prophetic Seer, Author and Scribe

"My beautiful friend Sula has written a book that will stir a hunger deep within you to passionately pursue intimacy with your Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. She unveils a truth that is vital to the modern church and her health and strength as the Bride of Christ. If you desire deeper connection to the Father this book will usher you into just that. Sula is releasing a clarion call to the church to rise to her position as the Bride and fall into the arms of her Bridegroom. This call positions us to supernaturally walk out our destiny on this earth reaching the lost and sick and dying world around us, in our day to day living. As you read you will feel the presence of the Living God surrounding you as His arms wrap tightly around you. You were made for this! Awaken, awaken to your beautiful position as Jesus’ beloved bride." 

Krissy Nelson
Author, Speaker, TV Host
Created for the Impossible

"The story of redemption is a real story. It is a real story about real people

with real problems and real challenges. It is a story of real life change. Sula Skiles

takes us on a journey of how she found redemption, which led her to find her purpose in life.  You may be looking for redemption or know someone that needs redemption. This book will lead not only to redemption, but to the real story of redemption: finding your purpose in life.  The real story of this book: change through Jesus Christ that gives you strength to fight through every obstacle for your purpose. The real reason you need to read it: so you can fight for your purpose."

- Charles G. Scott, Author of "Storms Don't Bother Me"

"She is hope for those afraid to speak out about their experiences.  She is a symbol of strength and courage… She has come to own her story in a way that she can use her abuse to prevent others from being victimized and controlled by their past.  We are so honored to call Sula our friend - an inspiration to all!"

-Pat Bradley, Founder & President, Crisis Aid International



Fighting For Your Purpose


In Fighting for Your Purpose, Sula Skiles unapologetically shares the traumatic and drama filled details of her life.  As if speaking to a close friend, she holds nothing back in hopes that through her mistakes, pain and ultimately her miraculous life transformation, you would be drawn to the God who makes all things new.  Take a journey through valuable truths to help you discover a closer relationship with God, find freedom from your past, personally learn what your God Purpose is and how to Fight for it.  Fighting for your purpose features a "Self-Work" section at the conclusion of each chapter for personal reflection and application.  Purchase the DIGITAL VERSION of the book on Amazon HERE.



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