Catalyst Conference

Sula was honored to have her story featured at the Catalyst Conference via short video clip. Here is her story...

Sula’s passion for helping others comes from a painful traumatic life story. She had a childhood of sexual abuse, was institutionalized with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, has been raped, had issues with drugs and alcohol, had 3 abortions, struggled with bulimia, post-traumatic stress disorder, attempted suicide, anxiety and panic attacks, dysfunctional abusive relationships, dealt with years of depression and that’s just the nutshell version.

In addition Sula was a victim of sex trafficking. She was a young model in Los Angeles who was hired for a modeling job in another country. When she arrived, she found out that it was not at all what she had signed up for. Sula was trapped in a nightmare. She was told a while after arriving that she was actually purchased as a Christmas gift for a billionaire and his girlfriend's sexual pleasure.

Sula has found freedom and healing from the traumas of her life and has been radically transformed. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she works to spread awareness, teach prevention and help victims and survivors of trafficking. Sula uses her story to help others find the same freedom she has found. She enjoys sharing her life to bring hope to those who need it most. Sula is a motivational speaker, minister, writer and sex trafficking abolitionist. She is happily married to Pastor John Mark Skiles. Together they are Church Planters and started Impact Life Church in Destin, FL March of this year. They are blessed to have 2 beautiful children.

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