“Eternally His” Poem by Sula Skiles

I feel HIS PRESENCE enter the room... HE is approaching... Every fiber of my being jumps, dances and screams to collide with HIM... To crash into HIM... To be fully submerged in HIM... My eyes survey the atmosphere longing to be fixed on my BRIDEGROOM LOVER... I’ve been waiting... Waiting with my BURNING lamp overflowing with oil... Knowing that at any second, HE could pass by.... Waiting and yearning to catch a glimpse of HIS SLENDER... To see a FLASH of HIS fiery eyes of PASSION for me... There are natural noises around me, movements & voices of others. Don’t they realize the BRIDEGROOM KING is making an entrance? I can’t afford to miss the fullness of HIM... I can’t afford to be robbed of INTIMACY with my LOVER. I move and REPOSITION myself so that the distractions around me fade away... Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! HE is closer... The one that I love. I sense WAVES of GLORY approaching!!! HE is here! I see HIM! He came! With all that I am, every cell in my body, I WORSHIP and ADORE HIM! I pour out my life on HIM as a drink offering, a living sacrifice. HE sees me. HE knows me. I am one of the ones, the JOY set before HIM, HIS reason for enduring the CROSS... HE approaches me and surges of ELECTRIC LIGHTENINGS OF GLORY hit the core of my being... HE can’t resist me. HE wraps HIMSELF around me. I’m INTOXICATED by HIM. I’m completely undone. I melt into HIM and we are ONE.  

"Eternally His" Poem by Sula Skiles 3.3.18 

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