Anti-Trafficking Work Updates

There has been some exciting things happening within both of the local non-profits I serve with. I am a Survivor Advocate on the board of BeGenerous and Lavished Ministries, which cover different parts of the Panhandle of Florida, ministering to girls in the commercial sex industry as well as the illegal side , sex trafficking. We are seeing some wonderful success in both organizations. Our efforts in collaborating across the Panhandle from Panama City Beach to Pensacola is gaining momentum and being recognized in high places.

Our Human Trafficking Advocacy branch of Lavished Ministires, The Trindi Initiative, has just been notified that we are receiving a Presidential Award for "extraordinary efforts in combating human-trafficking Persons." We are in tears with excitement about this. For more info or to support Lavished CLICK HERE. Nicole Phillips is an incredible leader and I'm so honored to call her friend.

Stephanie McMinn, my incredible friend and leader or BeGenerous, and I were recently invited to participate in a discussion with Congressman Gaetz, local and federal law enforcement to talk about Illicit Massage Brothels in the Panhandle of Florida. A research document that I created along with Nicole Phillips, listing 36 Brothels with current sex adds and customer reviews for illicit services, was given to everyone in attendance. We have been working on reporting some of these brothels for years, but led by the Spirit of the Lord, felt an urgency to create a document exposing all of them in our area that could be sent to key individuals who would actually do something about it. We are so thankful to "be heard" and that we are one step closer to rescuing the many victims enslaved in plain sight within our communities. You can read the full article from this event HERE.

If you are local, I would like to invite you to IMPACT LIFE CHURCH on Sunday, May 19th. I will be leading a panel discussion with both of the gals I've been talking to you about as well as phenomenal Survivor Leader friend Alicia Tappan.

Another event for the locals... This Friday, May 10th, I will be speaking at "Love Shouldn't Hurt," a sex trafficking awareness event hosted by SECRET PLACE HOME for girls. The event is free and an offering will be taken to support the safe home. You can register HERE.

Additionally, I recently had the honor of being on the DAVE NEMO SHOW, one of the top 10 radio shows in the trucking industry. Kylla Lainer, Deputy Director of TRUCKERS AGAINST TRAFFICKING, invited me to participate in these 2 shows as well as a few other projects in the past with TAT. I love this organization! We had a great conversation discussing the demand of Sex Trafficking and with thousands of truckers listening, I know the conversation was impacting. You can listen to these radio shows HERE.

If you are a person of prayer, please do pray for me in the sex trafficking work I'm involved with. There are some days where there a huge wins like the ones I'm sharing with you now... But there are also heart breaking moments at times. Last week, me and a close friend ministered to a sex trafficking victim with severe trauma, mental illness and addiction. We were able to get her safely to a beautiful and amazing safe home in another state. However, we just got news that she left and went back out there into the dark. I'm deeply saddened about this. Please pray for "Tisha." That she would encounter Jesus and find the strength to go back to the Safe Home that has has an opening for her when she is ready. I just wanted to share a small piece of the reality of this work with you. There are many ups and many downs, but the Lord has called me to this and I am so thankful to be trusted by Him with me most traumatized and violated precious ones in the earth. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

I so appreciate you for taking the time to read this blog & updates. I'm sincerely thankful to be connected with you!

Love and Blessings,

Sula Skiles

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