Sex Trafficking Red Flags

Grooming and early signs of being lured into Sex Trafficking may look like some of the following...

-Dreams being sold to you that seem too good to be true.
-Online safety is important, especially on social media, as the internet is one of the primary ways in which traffickers find, trap and sell victims (sexual exploitation online and in person).  Do not send pictures or videos of yourself to anyone threatening you to do so online.  Do not give your address, school or personal information to anyone on social media.  Heighten your security and location setting on your apps. 
-A free one way ticket being given to you for a fun trip or business opportunity.
-Someone much older, that you don’t really know, taking interest in dating you and spoiling you with lots of free stuff.
-When someone tries to isolate you from family and friends to convince you to be in a relationship solely dependent on them.

-Anytime you get into drugs, you are putting yourself at risk, being that wherever drugs are sold, Sex Trafficking is usually connected and close by.
-Underage drinking at parties, where people can potentially be drugged, raped and forced/broken into the sex trade.
-A job that requires you to quickly relocate.
-Abusive relationships can also potentially lead to sexual exploitation.
-Being in a relationship with someone addicted to pornography is a risk.... Being that it can lead to being forced to do sexual acts for them or people they know.
-There is a huge connection between porn and sex trafficking.
-Being lured to catch a ride with a stranger.
-Running away from home puts you at risk. Statistics show that within a few days you will be approached for sex, often leading to sexual exploitation or victimization.
-Any time someone suggests or tries to convince you to do a sexual act, which you are not comfortable with, for them or people that they know.