Sula Skiles Trafficking Work Bio


Sula Skiles

Sex Trafficking Survivor and Abolitionist

As a young model in Los Angeles, Sula was lured into a sex trafficking nightmare.  Today she is a powerful motivational speaker and advocate for sex trafficking victims around the world.  Sula uses her story to help others find the same healing, freedom and hope that she has found.  She enjoys speaking and reaching community groups at risk including women in shelters, in the sex industry, on the streets and in jails. While participating in work to improve legislation that aids in preventing trafficking, Sula also provides domestic sex trafficking awareness and training for communities, schools, children’s advocacy agencies, local law enforcement and military.  She has a real gift in bringing comfort, peace and inner healing to victims who are struggling with complex trauma due to the horrors they've endured under the oppression of their traffickers & in brothels.  She serves on a few boards and with various nonprofits and agencies as a sex trafficking survivor advocate and has been actively in that fight against trafficking since 2011.


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